Futuristic North Atlantıc Treaty Organızatıon

Military Committee

All across the globe there are too many global issues that even Political Scientists and Diplomats have been trying hard to be resolved. There are countless crucial circumstances in this framework such as “Middle Eastern and North African Countries Internal Issues”, “lack of energy security”, “Ukrainian Crisis”, “Territorial Disputes between Israel and Palestine” and “Question of DPRK”. In order to target to solve these issues; it can be counted many transnational assemblies. One of these ones is NATO Military Committee which has been assembling with the Generals from each and every member states of NATO in the name of NATO Sub-committee and assembled based on the framework of military based cooperation speciality of NATO based on the North Atlantic Treaty that signed in 1949. For SZALMUN 2020’s NATO MC; delegates are highly expected to behave behalf of “Generals” in NATO Military Committee” in accordance with the sub-topics of the specific committee. Last but not least it should taken into account that it will be simulating the years between 2050 and 2055 in this Futuristic NATO Military Committee.

This committee is suitable for intermediate delegates.


Open Agenda (time period between 2050 - 2055)

Under Secretary-General : Adnan Cem KIRAL