World Health Organization (WHO)

Founded on April 7, 1948 World Health Organization (WHO) has helped one of the essential aims of the United Nations when it was first founded, which was to set up a global health organization. That date is now is celebrated as the World Health Day. It is because of the WHO’s tireless and essential efforts, which still continues in more than 150 countries.  Its primary objective is to direct the international health system which United Nations have tried to establish. It is the main responsible body for all the activities of UN in means of healthcare. It has two governing bodies, the World Health Assembly and its Executive Board. More than 7000 people work today in WHO, who are health specialists, medical doctors, scientists, epidemiologists. People who are experts in administration and finance, information systems, economics, health statistics, and emergency preparedness and response are also employed.

This committee is suitable for both beginners and intermediate delegates.

agenda ıtem

a. Coronavirus outbreak

b. Combating the increasing number of international obesity and diabetes cases

Under Secretary-General : Bora AKAR