Joınt crısıs commıttee


Unlike any other committee, Joint Crisis Committee or JCC for short, is not about debating and finding solutions about widely effective problems. JCC is where delegates are divided to two separate cabinets which are in separate rooms, trying to gain superiority to other cabinet by making decisions and fighting together against the other side. It’s a simulation that reflects the specifications of the chosen time period, world, event or era. In SZALMUN’20, the selected event is Russo-Japanese war, which was fought during 1904 and 1905 between Russian Empire and Empire of Japan. The cause of the war was rival imperial ambitions in Manchuria and Korea. Russian Empire sought a warm-water port on the Pacific Ocean for its navy and for maritime trade. Japan feared Russian encroachment on its plans to create a sphere of influence in Korea and Manchuria. The war was fought mainly in Liaodong Peninsula and Mukden.

This committee is suitable for both intermediate and experienced delegates.


Russo-Japanese War

Under Secretary-General : Gürkan GÜLTEKİN